Betrieb in Karachi wegen Diebstahls von Gasleitung festgenommen

Verhaftung eines bekannten Hotelbesitzers in Karachi: Gasdiebstahl und der Kampf gegen Energiekriminalität in Pakistan

In Karachi, authorities recently carried out an operation targeting gas theft, resulting in the apprehension of the owner of a popular hotel. The proprietor of Chai Gulab Hotel was caught allegedly stealing gas directly from the service line in the Pathan Colony area of the city. The Sui Southern Gas Company’s (SSGC) recovery team, along with Control Gas Theft Operations (CGTO), conducted the raid that led to the arrest of the hotel owner, identified as Shamsul Haque.

During the raid, it was discovered that the hotel owner was siphoning gas directly from the service line to operate the establishment. The SSGC police took Shamsul Haque into custody, and a case was registered against him. The raiding team also seized the pipe and other equipment used in the gas theft. A spokesperson for the Sui Southern Gas Company stated that the accused would face fines corresponding to the amount of gas stolen, highlighting the company’s commitment to combating such illegal activities.

This crackdown on gas theft is part of broader efforts to address energy-related crimes in Pakistan. Last month, Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi issued directives for a comprehensive crackdown on electricity and gas theft nationwide. Special teams have been established by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to tackle these issues, with legal actions being taken against individuals involved in power and gas theft. Additional measures are being implemented to safeguard the nation’s resources and the interests of companies like SSGC.

Furthermore, the government has intensified its efforts against illegal financial practices such as „Hundi“ and „Hawala,“ which has contributed to the stability of the national currency. Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the need to pursue legal actions against those engaged in activities like human trafficking and directed for stringent measures against individuals involved in the „Hundi“ and „Hawala“ businesses. These initiatives aim to protect the country’s economy and prevent the exploitation of its resources.

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